Wallclock collection by Tothora

Track Clock

The clocks are a decorative complement and, at the same time, functional.

The first thing you must be clear is that the chosen clock, both for its size and its style, must be consistent with the rest of the decoration of that room. If it is avant-garde looking and you want something risky, there are numerous models that will leave you with your mouth open, since more than watches look like authentic works of art.

This type of objects can only decorate with its presence an empty wall, without needing to recharge it much more, since with its design it will be enough.

Another advantage of the current wall clocks is that you can place them anywhere in the house, because thanks to the evolution that we mentioned when it comes to decoration, any room allows you to place these objects on bare walls and give them life.

Three walnut

Anywhere it may look good

A corridor, kitchen, a room, a living room or even a bathroom can be perfect for placing new wall clocks.

Remember that, as in most occasions, space is one of the most important factors. Choose the dimensions of the clock and the room in which you are going to place it to avoid being able to turn the room into an oppressive and small place.

New collection : Wallclocks

The brightness and color are two other important factors to consider. In Tothora we present you the new collection of wall clocks. They are luxury watches created by hand. You can customize them to your liking. Welcome to the world Tothora.