Flower, inspired by the leaves of flowers

In 2017 the floral tendencies have been a reference of inspiration for many creators.

The model Flower is a new clock model of Tothora, time sculptures, which can be customized with different colors. You can see the different options at the end of the article.

It is inspired by the leaves of flowers and its diversity of bright colors, all made with solid wood and painted with different colors, or, natural finish with beech and walnut. Mediterranean style.

If you let yourself be seduced, you really want it. Give a Mediterranean touch to your surroundings.

A fun wall clock, and capable of falling in love.

A Mediterranean watch that will mark the most important hours of your life.

Handmade wall clock,

with solid wood,

by Tothora from Barcelona.

Wake up. The flower of Tothora is here.